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Crepes: Always Classic

Crepes. Always classic.  Always elegant. Sweetly sophisticated for brunch or dessert. Celebrating  the classic Crepes Suzette. Especially special for Mothers Day treats. Celebrate with these savory “finds” Historic lore has it, that this classic dish was created by accidental flaming of … Continue reading

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Ideal for brunch, lunch or small plates: Quiche

Quiche:  ideal for brunch, lunch, or small plates. So versatile too. Think of creating a daily special. The new LED Boards from the Menu Shoppe are perfect. Quiche is always elegant for ladies luncheons…whether at a club, cruise or spa. … Continue reading

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It’s spa time. Indulge…

Spa time! Whether it’s a fabulous resort get-away or merely relaxing at a local day spa…a well deserved respite.  Or Valentines treat. Spas boast handsome menus too.  Whether sauna treatments or kitchen showcase. The Menu Shoppe has it covered + … Continue reading

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