The Craft of Menu Creation

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The craft of menu creation.
Adapted from Vanee Foods “Its My Ingredient”
The art of the menu.
A mirror of your Kitchen’s prowess.
Once the kitchen management is in place–there’s so much other creative coordination
to develop menu theme and presentation.
Coordinating content, as well as art, production and budget. Plus the psychology of the menu.
The enticement factor for patron acquisition.
Also posturing and branding of your restaurant venue.
Is your restaurant being postured by pricing…
or the food?
Apparently, many studies have determined that pricing ending in .00 are view as quality
or .99 viewed as value.
However, whether decimal digits also incur pricing sensitivity.  
Actually, incorporating decimal-ed pricing can be preemptive to “pricing sensitivity”.
“A study by Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research found that leaving the dollar sign off pricing, actually increased sales  by as much as 8%”…
While its  becoming trending and chic to simply feature numerals.  Solo.  Minus dollar sign.  
Or possibly written out–depending on restaurant genre.
An appetizer at a private club might appear as:
lobster crostini
But this might be confusing at a gastropub.  
Thusly, a simpler menu.
onion rings  8
And of course, font and type face are of other graphic considerations.
Minutiae that really does matter–whether to branding or the bottom line. Contract a graphic designer specializing in menu development. Otherwise,  define and decipher the branding aims for your restaurant: fine dining, upscale, trendy bistro, casual, family-type.
For DIY efforts,  select uniform font.  
Keep it clean and legible.
A fabulous Kitchen won’t matter as much–
if the menu is jumbled and cluttered.
Branding matters.
Because social matters.  
Status.  Visibility.  
Whatever your market share.
Casual venues may wish to bolster value and portion aspects.
Upscale dining may wish to highlight kitchen attributes ( chef notoriety ) as well as dining room ambiance or patron perks.
…and so much more…
Including the psychology of visual scanpaths for best imagery presentation.
Stay tuned…
Many thanks to the Vanee Team for their menu wizardry.
If it’s on the menu…the Menu Shoppe has it covered.
America’s leading source for restaurant menu covers.
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  1. james says:

    This is a new concept that is going to be very helpful in the assistance of new and established restaurants. I hope that the ones in need will find it useful. J

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