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raison d’être…part deux

raison d’être…part deux. Celebrating raisins…and reason for the madness… Quest for vintage classics ala “Madmen”. Vintage classics–re-interpreted. And trending. The Menu Shoppe has it covered… great tips for great menus. Chicken Onion and Raisin Stew A dapper spring or summer … Continue reading

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raison d’être: celebrate raisin sweetness

raison d’être Celebrate raisin sweetness. Also all the health benefits attributed raisins– including enhanced energy levels. Raisin fiber bulk adds fullness –minus calories or fats…and another reason why raisins can be an extra dash of panache in almost any menu item. The … Continue reading

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Sunday Suppers: Lasagna!

Sunday Suppers. Great for a gathering. Why not feature a “buffet” with a few varieties of lasagna? Add some antipasti + salad +  rustic loaves + fabulous company. The Menu Shoppe has it covered… great tips for great menus. Artichoke … Continue reading

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Celebrating Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp Scampi. “Scampi” refers to a species of small lobster or large shrimp and also to method of preparation. A culinary name–often interchangeably as “prawn” or “langoustine”. *actually langoustine in French and cigala in Spanish. Other species definitions depend on regional waters. Scampi also refers to … Continue reading

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Savoring Classic Blueberry Pie

Savoring classic Blueberry Pie …iconic bakery bliss. Whether it’s old fashioned style or lattice crust. Or any other creative rendition. Pie in the sky… Enjoy the Menu Shoppe finds. Old Fashioned Blueberry Pie Flaky Pie Pastry 4 cups blueberries 3/4 … Continue reading

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Frites and Fritters: weekend…anytime favorites

Friday Frites and Fritters. Gastropub favorites. Happy Hour Specials…weekend…anytime favorites. Served up just so in trending cones and baskets. Visit our Wire Basket Collection for best Fry Cone and Basket presentations. Add our LED Board for extra dazzle. The Menu Shoppe has it covered… great finds … Continue reading

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Classic Prime Rib: for rare occasions…well done

In honor of venerable Prime Rib. Quintessential classic elegance for special occasions. The magnificance is in the cut and the roast. Stunning presentation.  Crusted or glazed. Or simply roasted. With gravy. Or sauced. Simple classics well done for rare occasions. … Continue reading

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