Did you know that Peter Rabbit was an artisan chocolatier?

It’s Easter time again.
And again the quest for the best, the cutest confection.
Did you know that Peter Rabbit was an artisan chocolatier?
Our finds include some cute + trending artisanal confections.
Enjoy the Menu Shoppe finds.  Fun ideas for fabulous celebrations.
From Oliver Kita…
Their popular Maynard Rabbits are cutely animated…and all ears.
Several item from their chocolatey collection are hand painted or glossed with metallics infusions. Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs A stunning treat nestled in a moss covered basket…a  6 inch celedon egg made of two halves that separate to reveal an inner egg filled with peanut butter.  The eggs are created with organic 70% dark chocolate. Vegan and Certified Fair Trade too.
From Woodhouse Chocolates…
Cute…has other definition.
Their Asparagus Bundle in white chocolate looks freshly like the real deal.
More cuteness? Rabbit Driving Car is an adorable creation.  Available also in white and dark chocolate. And still more cuteness…these darlings Duck – Baby White   Also available in dark chocolate. woodhousechocolate.com
Still another artisanal chocolatier….from Sweet Bliss… Surprise that special child with this artisan easter basket SweetBliss Child’s Basket sweetbliss.com
For still other cuteness…
From Saks…
A stunning springtime confection.
…and what’s an Easter Parade minus fashion…
And from Williams-Sonoma…
This naturally woven Easter Basket made from twigs and moss
…perhaps from the bunny patch at Cottontail Lane.Certain to charm.
…and don’t forget the Easter peeps!
If it’s on the menu…
the Menu Shoppe has it covered.
America’s leading source for restaurant menu covers
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