Patron appreciation: dazzle the Thank You

Certainly your patrons are valued.
What sort of  Thank You bon-bons are offered with your check presenter?  Something that ought be as dazzling and memorable as the dining experience.
The Menu Shoppe has it covered…
with handsome check presentersand…bon-bon “finds”.
Whether your kitchen or patisserie might oblige some festive macaroons or creatively infused petit fours.
Or some decadent chocolate offering.
Valrhona perhaps?
Individually wrapped Valrhona Grand Cru squares featuring hints of jasmine to orange blossom to roasted nuts–just like fine wines–only in chocolate instead.
A box of 66 wrapped scquares from
A trifle for patron appreciation.
Chocolate truffles perhaps?
Scotch and Stout Truffles from Valerie Confections.
These truffles are filled with creamy chocolate ganache flavored with either Macallan Scotch or Rogue Chocolate Stout.  Rustic refinement.
Or more ladylike treats like these Ladybug Chocolate bon-bons from John & Kira…these adorably  hand-painted ladybugs–each filled with  locally fresh raspberries, garden mint or honey.
Other sublime esoterics might feature sea salt carmels or beer pretzel carmels from Liddabit Sweets.
Elegant or sublime…an extra treat to express appreciation along with a handsome check presenter.

The Menu Shoppe portfolio features two styles of check presenters.

Our larger folio measures 10.5H and 5W also reveals a clear pocket on the right hand page to house credit cards when the cover is closed. Our smaller and slimmer check presenter at 4.5W x 8.5H is designed to present computer generated tapes.
A gold foil “thank you” is stamped on the inside pocket.  Merci.
If it’s on the menu…the Menu Shoppe has it covered.
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