New Year, new menus

Hoping it’s been a happy and prosperous Holiday Season.
But now to keep your patrons enraptured into the New Year.
Time for new menus?  
And…new menu covers to enhance your kitchen’s offerings.
Or think resort, cruise menus. Or private clubs featuring grille menus, or ladies menus.
Or spas.  Menu covers for panache presentation of products and services.
The Menu Shoppe has it covered.
Whatever the need or occasion, the Menu Shoppe can coordinate all your specialty menus.
Try clear vinyl for creative rendition–especially for seasonal menus or special promotions.  A bar menu for Super Bowl.    Or romantic specialty menu for the Valentine crowd.
Whether it’s a new club house menu with embossed crest. Or a trendy cork wine list. Or specially sized cover to cover signature offerings or specialty menus.
Also…what else is happening in your city, town or hood.  Whether any partnering with civic causes or local charities. Whether a promotional menu aligned for this.

The Menu Shoppe satisfies impeccable requisites of many top rated establishments– yet also understands needs of new start-up venues.

The Menu Shoppe  also ensures quick delivery–especially of in-stock inventory.  Anticipate delivery within a day or three—no longer than a week or so. A bit longer for custom embossed orders.
Our portfolio includes:
Our Wine List Covers are made of padded board and leather-like expanded supported vinyl. A three hole screw post binding is sewn into the center spine that will hold up to 25 sheet protectors (50 viewing sides) exceptionally beneficial to substantial cellars.
Select from: Black, Burgundy of Dark Green leatherette. Also choice of  menu corner shape ( square or rounded ) + choice of  metal corners or padded cover.
Pricing includes ‘Wine List’ foil stamped in gold in lower right corner of front cover.

Our Wine List Covers use case made, turned edge construction with hidden screw post binding to hold clear sheet protectors. Cork on the outside, imitation leather on the inside. Prices are ‘per cover’ and include three screws and posts. Clear sheet protectors are sold separately.

Should your wine covers only last a year, the Menu Shoppe will offer replacements at half the cost.
Our menu covers are made with the front panel from solid, 1/4″ thick wood. Your choice of oak, cherry, mahogany of walnut.  Another option is a heavier, thicker cover with both front and back covers made of wood. Pricing includes name and/or logo laser engraved deep into the front panel of the menu covers.
Solid 1/4 in. thick wood on one side, imitation leather for menu panel and diagonal corners on menu side. Actual cover sizes are slightly larger than menu page inserts.
Covers hold TWO menu inserts with diagonal tabs fastened to four corners of inside lining.
Covers hold FOUR menu inserts with diagonal tabs fastened to four corners of inside lining.
Your menu sheets are held firmly in place with diagonal corners attached to the four corners of the inside lining.
And these items are merely a sampling from our portfolio.
If it’s on the menu…the Menu Shoppe has it covered.
America’s leading source for restaurant menu covers
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One Response to New Year, new menus

  1. James Poling says:

    It is great to see the quality menu covers being offered by The Menu Shoppe pictured and described on the blog.

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