Halloween is also National Candy Apple Day

Artisanally appropo.  Especially with these artsy finds.
Let Menu Shoppe cover your menu and uncover other “finds”
Sinfully Sweet Apple Company of LaVerme CA features more than 100 gourmet candy apply varieties.  Nor just for Halloween either.  Their gourmet treats are also marketed for special occasions and corporate events. Some of their unique creations include: Blue Hawaiian  ( think Pina Coladas ) and  Lemon Pie — a tangy citrus delight enveloped in lemon-y chocolate. Several of their yummy flavors are also available as sugar free concoctions.
Sticky Fingers Gourmet Apples of upstate New York is committed  local sustainable farmers and domestic chocolates. Their flavor portfolio includes:  Harvest AppleWhite Chocolate AppleButterfinger Apple 
Other fine gourmet products include festive pretzels, chocolate dipped fruit and gift baskets.
Amy’s Gourmet Apples of historic Cedarburg, WI features a vintage 19c kitchen and quaint storefront.  Award winning gourmet apples have appeared on Epicurious, and the Food Network.
Halloween favorites include:

Dunked Caramel Apple w/ Milk Belgian Chocolate & Orange Drizzle and Dunked Mummy Caramel Apple w/ White Belgian Chocolate


Just a few Halloween “finds”.
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