Showcase your specialty menus

Small plates can equal big dividends for your establishment.
A trending topic these days.  
Small plate menus. Seasonal menus. Late night menus. Brunch menus. Dessert menus.
House specials.
…and on and on…
plus your wine list. And cocktail list. And house specials.
Or seasonal specials.
Efforts at achieving menu excellence to match your kitchen efforts.
All these efforts still merit proper showcasing.
Let the Menu Shoppe coordinate menu covers for all your specialty menus. Whether a uniquely sized menu cover for those special treats.  Or clear vinyl for creative rendition.
A casual approach to small plates still can showcase elegant offerings from your kitchen. Think of a petite size like 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 for a small plate or specialty menu cover.  Or inquire of custom sizing.
Quick shipping too.  Especially for in stock inventory.
Anticipate delivery within a day or three—no longer than a week or so, for custom orders.
Casebound Menu Covers 
Choose from either leatherette embossed vinyl binding with scrim backing or thicker, woven fabric binding. Our case bound menu covers are available in a variety of hues and textures.
textures include:

  • Leatherette or imitation leather: a semi-gloss man-made material, top printed and embossed to simulate genuine top grain cowhide.
  • Brushed Metallic: the same, durable book covering material with a shiny, metallic textured finish.
  • Linen: a dull coated, moisture resistant, latex saturated cloth with a nylon base construction that provides the high tear and high strength properties that you expect for bookbinder’s cloth.
  • leatherette: black, burgundy, cordovan, dark green, basil green, navy, royal, brown or tan
  • linen: black, beige, green, olive, magenta
  • metallic: silver, gold, copper, penny
*embossing available with surcharge – leatherette only
Menu Covers w/ Clear Panels 
  • leatherette: black, burgundy, red, brown, green and blue
  • fabric: tangerine, gold, violet, dijon, dark navy, corsair navy, royal, teal, and dusty mauve
Also your choice of gold or silver corner.
( * scroll finish also available )
Menu panel can be your choice of clear, or frosted or smokey panel.
If it’s on the menu…the Menu Shoppe has it covered.
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One Response to Showcase your specialty menus

  1. DD Smith says:

    I would agree, it’s definitely important to coordinate your menu graphic design with the restaurant’s overall aesthetic and to take marketing efforts into account.

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