Seasonal vines

The harvest season is just so very correct for a zesty vintage.
Is your wine list a handsome match.  Wow ’em with an elegant cover.  A fine leather patina or supple suede or maybe the trendy cork covers.
The Menu Shoppe showcases your impressive wine list as impeccably as your cellar.
Though regional bests can boast endlessly,  how-to possibly showcase a few seasonal pours. The Menu Shoppe wants to illustrate an assortment of best-ofs
The guide suggests these modest offerings.
Talbott 2009 Sleepy Hollow Vineyard Logan Chardonnay
This seems a quintessential autumn vintage–
oaky and layered with apples and pears
Rating: 14/20
Price: $22

Hogue 2008 Columbia Vallery Cabernet Sauvignon         
A more casual label–Hogue, but brimming with classic Fall nuances of cinnamon, cassis and currant.
Rating: 13/20
Price: $12

With so many superb vintages crowding the shelves, likewise so many wine blogs touting the newest, the best ambiance.
According to FOOD & WINE….
some of the best wine blogs are:

The Menu Shoppe wants to know your favorite wine blog. Discover more…

So many wine blogs. If wishing to explore the variety of varietals, then visit
Apparently, there is a science to it–since there’s a group that bestows annual plaudits
Just some musings amid an October moondance.
Here’s to your well-read wine list best dressed in a winsome cover from the Menu Shoppe.
If it’s on the menu…the Menu Shoppe has it covered.
America’s leading source for restaurant menu covers.
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