Kudos to your kitchen…dress’em to The Nines

While addressing the menu or dressing salads and desserts…have your kitchen dressed well as your menu.
The Menu Shoppe also features kitchen wear for the chef and executive staff as well as servers.  Ideal for clubs, hotels and resorts.
Compliment chef mastery with a classically sharp coat.
The Menu Shoppe offers a snazzy wardrobe of several classic styles.
Our chef coats are manufactured from a comfortable, yet durable poly-cotton blend using the highest quality standards. Breathe-able in a hot kitchen
And for the serving staff, also a selection of bistro shirts and coats. Perfect for front of the house. Exceptionally suited for clubs, hotels and resorts.  Your logo. Your choice.
The Menu Shoppe wardrobe also includes a selection of 
kitchen pants—-including chef’s classic baggies.
Apron strings to match your venue’s commitment to quality and service.  Our aprons are made to the highest quality standards, using only full length ties, not just sewn at the edges like some other manufacturers. If your aprons aren’t made to last, replacing them can be a needless expense.
And to top it off…hats off to your kitchen staff.  Classic or casual.
If it’s on the menu…
the Menu Shoppe has it covered.

America’s leading source for restaurant menu covers

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