Is your menu memorable

According to Gallup, a basic menu is glanced at for merely 100 seconds or so.
Will it be the offering, or the writing that might make the difference.
Last spring, dished a provocative item about basic cafeteria items–
some tagged with simple names, and others amplified in other upscale manner. Some of the embellished fare were tagged with sensory tags ( buttery, mellow ).
Other tags were geographical ( provencal, Gulf bred ).
Or sentimental tags ( original recipe, farmstyle ).
These items were rotated amid some scientific sampling, and patrons were asked to complete a survey.
Findings determined that…
  • apparently expressive menu listings increased sales by slightly more than 25%
  • definitive labels reinforced perceptions about “quality” or “value”
  • eloquent labels reinforced perceptions about the restaurant as being trendy or a classic haven
  • and whether reinforced perceptions enhanced patronage
Thusly whether wording and tags solidify patron satisfaction with the menu fare and the restaurant.  And repeat visits.
Review the entire article at:
Besides the science of it all…have your menu draw approval simply by its menu cover.  A soft buttery suede, or supple ostrich conveys impeccable presence which likewise entices the culinary experience.
The Menu Shoppe product portfolio offers a substantial selection of fine menu covers–ideal for every need.
If it’s on the menu…the Menu Shoppe has it covered.
America’s leading source for restaurant menu covers
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  1. Luke Vanee says:

    I’m glad you liked our post! Feel free to reference us any time in your menu adventures. If you have any additional menu insights that can help our readers, we’d love to share those as well.

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