The Menu Shoppe’s new social menu

Handing a menu to a patron, can be a defining moment.
The Menu Shoppe wants to engage those moments.
Whether it’s a suede dinner menu, or leather embossed wine list, or cheery table tent seasonal special.
Just as your menu is showcased, the Menu Shoppe wants to showcase weekly bests.
  • Best menu:  graphic design or culinary composition
  • Best recipe: original, creative design
  • Best restaurant:  presence and promotional presence. To wow your patrons, how to get them there.
Send your entry suggestions to:
Weekly showcase will begin November 1st.
Just a showcase, but with cross channel social platform presence– that we hope grows into more than just an industry destination.
Other upcoming content will explore the psychology of menus, also development of specialty menus such a small plate or happy hour menus. Seasonal table tent promotions–whether snacks or cocktails to bolster the spirits.
Also table tents can be for spas too.  Or a handsome menu cover of ala carte services or juice bar.
If it’s on the menu…the Menu Shoppe has it covered.
America’s leading source for restaurant menu covers
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2 Responses to The Menu Shoppe’s new social menu

  1. Diningverse says:

    How about ‘online menus’? Would you be interested in considering the right approach to displaying restaurant menus through ‘screen’ media on the Internet, mobile phones, etc.?

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