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More about restaurant menus

Deciding on the content and appearance of your restaurants menus can be a challenging and stressful procedure. Here are a few ideas to help make the process easier.

Limit your items to those that you know, or suspect will be popular with your customers. When in doubt, see what your competition is doing.

“Borrow” ideas as much as possible, it’s a lot easier than coming up with new and creative ones that may or may not work and don’t limit your research to other restaurants in your area. Check out your local “busy” supermarkets for marketing ideas. When you think about it, restaurants offer food and beverages for on-premise consumption, supermarkets offer the same products for off-premise consumption.

Supermarkets have attractive food containers (boxes, cans or bottles) showing pictures of the product inside or their corporate identity.

Your menu should have an attractive appearance with inviting descriptions of the products you offer. If you don’t want to go through the expense of color printing, check out pre-printed menu paper with attractive borders in colors that fit your restaurant’s décor.

Supermarkets show what’s on sale by hanging little tags from the shelves or handing out flyers when customers enter the store.

Think about a special section on your menu for “chef’s specials” with items that change daily or weekly, with a lobby sign that greets your customers and announces what your chef has prepared specially for that day.

Think about displaying a selection of desserts in the entrance way. You’ll get a lot more takers for desserts if you plant the idea when they’re hungry and not ask them after they’ve had a full meal.

#3 in a series of comments and suggestions by Mark R. Strange

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