What Style of Menu Cover Should I Choose?

Menu Covers

Your menu is one of the first things that will be presented to your customers and like it or not the appearance and condition of your menu is going to suggest to your customers a lot about you and your restaurant.

Some thought and care should be put into the selection of type of menu that you offer.

Cafe Style Menu Covers with clear plastic sleeves can protect your printed menu paper and keep them clean. They also tend to present an informal, low key appearance which might suggest modestly priced items inside.

Book Style Menu Covers, with hard or padded menu covers, and diagonal, photo album corners on the inside, might make a more up-scale presentation, especially if they’re made out of some interesting looking material like Leather Menu Covers , wood menu covers or menu covers made of some Man-Made Material with some unique looking pattern or shape.

Your menu covers don’t have to be expensive, but they should show that you’ve put some thought into their appearance, just as you’ve put some thought into the preparation of the items that appear on your menu.

#1 in a series of comments and suggestions by Mark R. Strange

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